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There are two closely related organizations that cover the same geographical area but have different functions and responsibilities, Waterville Estates Village District (this website) and Waterville Estates Association.

Waterville Estates Village District (District) is a governmental entity, governed by NH State Statutes, that is funded by property taxes and water rates. The District is governed by a Board of three Commissioners, who are elected at the Annual Meeting of registered voters. The District owns and is responsible for maintenance of the Community Center, Ski Lodge and ski area, water system, and many of the roads within its boundary. It also provides administrative support to Waterville Estates Association and its recreation programs.

Waterville Estates Association (Association) is a homeowner's association which is managed by a Board that is elected by homeowners. It was incorporated in 1972 for the purpose of renting, leasing, owning, operating and managing certain recreational common property. The property was deeded to the District to maintain. The Association is funded by dues and fees. As a private corporation, Waterville Estates Assocation is not a municipal organization and is not subject to the New Hampshire laws regulating municipalities. By mutual agreement the Assocation manages and funds the recreation programs.

The Town of Waterville Valley, NH is not associated with either of these.

We are also completely separate from Waterville Estates Realty.